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I am a choreographer and performer who is interested in the relationship of music and dance within the hip-hop culture. Using body percussion and sounds, my movement vocabularies fuse Hip-hop, Modern, and Jazz to investigate the musicality of the body.  My musical background as a clarinetist, pianist, and my experience in studying music theories play a significant role within my art making process. Musical compositions inform the structuring of my work and the tonality of the instruments or vocals inspires movement qualities. Typically, I disrupt the repetitiveness and predictability of my sound scores to reveal space for my own movement possibilities.
I value blending music and dance, and I am constantly exploring how I can put these two disciplines into dialogue. In my work, their relationship manifests within quick gestures mixed with intricate footwork. With a playful quality I juxtapose rhythms against each other. This is how I make audiovisual connections to guide my audience. 

Artist's Statement

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