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Education is like a shifting puzzle. Daily, new knowledge is formed as pieces are discovered and re-arranged. Like this puzzle, I believe my students are in the process of developing their own voices, identities, and opinions. As an educator, I arrange my lessons to unveil my students' individual capabilities.
I believe that knowledge is acquired to share with others. As a result, I aim to create a communal and welcoming environment where individuality is valued to benefit the whole group. This empowers the individual while also building camaraderie among the students.
My teaching methods are focused on both the theory and movement practices of dance. My goals for mixing these two elements promote a new age of dancers who excel technically and think critically. I challenge my students’ views of dance, our society, and their roles as artistic citizens using the history and practices of hip-hop dance. I believe there are specific political and social themes connected to hip-hop that are informing the progression of our society. From this position, I believe it is a relevant and significant topic to discuss with emerging dance professionals. Like the puzzle, each lesson, dance, or question that I present to my students is shaped to promote student learning in a way that will benefit them as a whole being.

Teaching Philosophy

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